What We Do

You Give us Your Data

We Analyse Them

You Get Critical Insights

Critical Insights: “Insights concluded from data that are of great importance and provide enough clarity that actions should be taken immediately as a response”

In the past ten years, we have witnessed an explosion of available data at our fingertips. There is more data than there are resources to understand them. We are living in a world with information overload and growing complexity.

Information technology advancement has done a great job connecting all these available data to provide information and maybe some insights to help us discern the complexity. However, it only allows us to peak into the big data. There are so much more insights we can gain from the massive-complex data swirling around us. Insights that we have never seen before.

We work with you to expose critical insights from your data. These insights have the potential to impact your organisation going forward. They can warn you of possible risks, reduce resource strain, uncover obscure misconduct, help maximise your organisational effort, demonstrate organisational efficacy, or even give you a hidden pattern of growth prospect.

We will do all the work.

Your job is to just dump everything that you want us to analyse.

In short, you give us your data, and we analyse them, and we give you critical insights.

Let us connect the dots for you.

Fredy Namdin

Data & Visual Analyst // Data Journalist

Professional Business & Life Coach

Bachelor of Commerce (The University of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (The University of Western Australia)

Professional Coach – ICF ACTP (Life Coaching Academy)
Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy)

Digital Coaching Certified (Coach.Me)