"A wise man knows everything; a shrewd man knows everyone; an honest man knows he’s not" -Anon

About Us

Coming from business world ourselves, we had spent almost a decade crafting a humble business-to-business distribution company in Perth, Australia. Our business years in industrial-mining distribution have blessed us tremendously with good lifestyle and few modest investment properties.

… but it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbow.

From early 2008 to 2017 we went through multiple crises and came out the other end a bit wiser. The Australian currency collapse in 2008, the great economy crisis in 2008-2009, and the Australian mining downturn that started in 2011.

We understand how challenging daily life can be in running a business. The constant pressures and the many head-spinning decision makings. While we try to make the best strategic moves, more often than not we just don’t have the time to sit and think about it. And even if we do, we need to be careful not to create the illusion of certainty through data analysis and insights in the world of uncertainty where everything is simply – uncertain.

We learnt to recognise different forces that shape, shift, and set businesses. Things such as very large competitors, economy downturns, management paralysis, and unsustainable price wars to name a few.

We also learnt to understand the importance of building an honest and trustworthy business while still being prudent and sharp.

In 2013 during one of the crisis we had an opportunity to share the struggles and pain with fellow business owners to navigate the crisis. The conversations ended but we were filled with desire to work further in the area of business coaching – helping other businesses to avoid the pitfalls and dangers, to walk on the good business paths.

In late 2015 we decided to shift our own path in business. We fine-tuned our business direction with a renewed vision to help fellow businesses to build successful honest businesses.

We would help our clients to develop businesses with rock solid foundations and excellent reputation of integrity and trustworthiness. Businesses that have clean and transparent governance and paramount loyalty from their employees, customers, and suppliers. Resilient businesses with extraordinary survival capability in hostile environments.

We would help them to calibrate their strengths and perspectives in business, to refine decision makings, to filter out bad strategic moves, to stay on the right target.

Fredy Namdin

Fredy Namdin | Business Coach | Wholesale & Retail B2B Specialist

Bachelor of Commerce (The University of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (The University of Western Australia)

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