Our Story

“The time with Fredy was extremely valuable for me. Fredy did a good job of listening, understanding, and summarising the issues I am facing in my work. Fredy allowed me to set the lead with our time while also asking insightful questions that drew out deeper reflection and helped me to choose ways forward. I would recommend Fredy’s services to people looking for a coach.” – Paul Whitfield (Perth, Australia)

“Fredy is a thoughtful, experienced, and empathetic person who I was fortunate to find. We’ve been working on my company’s Marketing, Financial Models and Human Resources and Fredy has given me invaluable insights and feedback into overall corporate strategy. I’m feeling more energised, wide-eyed and confident now! Thanks Fredy, I look forward to our next sessions.” – Luke Lau (Sydney, Australia)

Our experiences through uncertainty in business and life came from our other business operating in mining/industrial supplies. We faced the global financial crises through 2008-2010, followed by AUD collapse and mining bust in 2013 which almost decimated our company. In the midst of these crises, we also faced serious competitions from much larger players as well as severe cash flow issues.

The crises sent us into financial troubles where we had to fight back with different pivoting strategies to win in a cut-throat wholesale industry.

This verse from Psalm 23:4 has been a constant encouragement through some of the darkest period of our life:

“Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.”

We have gone through the thick and thin of owning and operating a business in the midst of busy and hectic life. We understand that everyone is either going through difficult and confusing times or will be at some point in time.

Whatever it is, facing uncertain times, anyone needs more resources in order to be a cut above the rest. Our work will help you to focus and regain clarity; enabling you to make faster, better, more accurate decisions.

Sometimes those are difficult choices but because you know how you make the decision, you know why you make the decision, and so you will be naturally more committed to it and able to carry it through. The whole decision-making process becomes faster and more robust.

Your abilities to respond, to adapt to changing economic conditions and to foresee what the future might hold with limited information – all of this is improved by having different ways of thinking about the situations.

Let’s work together. You will bring tough challenges and we will work out the solutions together. Our work will help you overcome obstacles and challenges – your personal ‘beasts’; moving you towards your ultimate goal.

Fredy Namdin

Professional Business & Life Coach

Bachelor of Commerce (The University of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (The University of Western Australia)

Professional Coach – ICF ACTP (Life Coaching Academy)
Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy)

Digital Coaching Certified (Coach.Me)