Micro Pivot Coaching

“In business pivoting, the cash is king, but the person is emperor.”

“There are no words to describe how good clarity can feel. The time I spent with Fredy discussing my business, my greatest concerns for it and the various ideas I’ve had swirling around in my head about how to make it better, finally started solidifying into workable plans. Now, instead of just ideas, I have a strategy, backed by the reassuring nod of someone who understands business, people and goals. Thanks Fredy!” – Shail Akhil (Melbourne, Australia)

“Hi Fredy, Thank you for the time we have spent together over the phone, I have enjoyed it and found that your research and input has expanded my thoughts towards my business. Each coaching session has felt like a constructive research and development meeting to which I have gained a clearer understanding of my goals and direction in my business. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other people, thank you again and I wish you all the success with your business coaching endeavour.” – Frank Bonannella (Perth, Australia)

What Is Micro Pivot?

Micro Pivot is our business pivoting program to help you make intentional powerful shifts to your business. These shifts, done properly, will fine-tune your business, aligning it with the optimum path towards your goals.

There are three things we need to shift for better goals alignment: cash, strategy, and person. Cash is the first one because nothing will function without stronger cash position. Strategy is the second one, with new goal comes new strategic steps to recover and revitalise. Finally, person is the third one. It is the last one but the most important for the person is the one who makes everything possible.

Cash & Profit Analysis

This is the phase where we stop possible cash bleeding and improve the bottom line. Identifying where cash is flowing out faster than it should be is paramount. Unless we stop it we might not have enough fuel to finance the rest of the micro pivot strategy.

Once cash bleeding is handled, we need to start looking into improving the bottom line. We will be working on profit margin, operational expenses, and product range. Streamlining operations, product offerings, and cutting fat is the main focus here. We will work together to make your business meaner and leaner.

Strategy and Steps

Now that we have stronger cash position we can start looking into new strategy. Our focus here would be playing to the strengths of your business. The aim is to have a laser focus strategy on your niche customers.

Specialisation is key. When we get better at what we do we will grow bigger naturally. Our resources are very limited hence we need to be really specific on where we want to compete in. We will analyse the marketplace including customers, competitors, suppliers, market trends, and so on to ensure we are on the most optimal path.

Personal Resilience

The person behind the strategy is the most important component of a successful business pivoting. You hold the power to the success of your business. It can be very challenging to do this because you are also the same person that experienced the setbacks.

We will work together to amplify your resilience to push through challenges and obstacles. We believe in your ability and strength. Our job is simply to be the catalyst for change, to foster enablement for you to break through any barriers.

Micro Pivot Coaching Engagement

Our Micro Pivot Coaching Engagement combines Daily Coaching Support with weekly/bi-weekly Intensive Coaching Session.

Coaches and clients have certain roles during coaching engagement. Some of these roles overlap as essentially coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client. Coaching is defned as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (International Coach Federation).

Intensive Coaching Session

Intensive one-on-one coaching session is when we meet for 1-2 hours to do deep analysis and create strategic plan with concrete steps to move forward.

There are three phases that we will go through during intensive session.

First phase is an evaluation and assessment stage where we will dig deep into issues that you are facing and the goal that you want to achieve.

Second phase is the restructuring stage where we will draw up a strategy (including the development of recovery indicators) to overcome the troubled times that you are going through at the moment.

Third phase is where we help you to execute action steps for the strategy that we have drawn.

Daily Coaching Support

Daily coaching support is available via coach.me platform, and together with intensive coaching session they form our complete micro pivot coaching program.

The default philosophy on daily coaching is to focus on momentum. 

Practically everything we’ve ever encountered in behaviour design relies on or is aided by focusing on consistency first. This is the unique value proposition of online digital coaching–coaches can now make daily contact which means they can focus their coaching on immediate and repeatable actions. It’s like the difference between sitting in an office once per week to talk about your golf swing versus being on the driving range every day with a swing instructor.

Are you ready?

I always insist on a free daily coaching week for initial coaching chat via coach.me. This is so we can learn more about each other to determine if we are a good match as coach and coachee. No strings attached.

Then if both of us are happy with the progress we can discuss further in terms of coaching engagement, fees, and so on.

Typical coaching engagement consists of (not limited to):

  • Regular Coaching Chat, excepting holidays
  • Regular Collaboration with clients in analysis and planning
  • Deadlines, Timelines, and Accountabilities
  • Coaching Assessments and Action Steps
  • Unlimited Review of Client’s Work
  • Unlimited Coaching Chat Support

Are you really ready?

Please read our Coaching Policy here: Fenn Corporate Coaching Policy

If you’re happy with our standard of coaching practice, please book for a free daily coaching week below. We will go through your situations, your goals, and everything else you need to talk about.

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Deep discussions here with results, bring your notes and lots of coffees because we (you and me) will be working hard together.

You can decide if you want to continue working with me afterwards. No strings attached.

Fredy Namdin

Professional Business & Life Coach

Professional Coach – ICF ACTP (Life Coaching Academy)
Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy)

Digital Coaching Certified (Coach.Me)

Bachelor of Commerce (The University of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (The University of Western Australia)

Email: fredy@fenncorporate.com | Skype: fredynamdin