How We Work

“Cash is important but cash allocation is crucial.”

“There are no words to describe how good clarity can feel. The time I spent with Fredy discussing my business, my greatest concerns for it and the various ideas I’ve had swirling around in my head about how to make it better, finally started solidifying into workable plans. Now, instead of just ideas, I have a strategy, backed by the reassuring nod of someone who understands business, people and goals. Thanks Fredy!” – Shail Akhil (Melbourne, Australia)

“Hi Fredy, Thank you for the time we have spent together over the phone, I have enjoyed it and found that your research and input has expanded my thoughts towards my business. Each coaching session has felt like a constructive research and development meeting to which I have gained a clearer understanding of my goals and direction in my business. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other people, thank you again and I wish you all the success as a business coach.” – Frank Bonannella (Perth, Australia)

What Is It That We Do Exactly?

In short, we help you build laser-focused businesses through calculated intentional powerful shifts.

There are three areas we will work on: cash, strategy, and person. Cash is the first one because nothing will function without stronger cash position. Strategy is the second one, with new goal comes new strategic steps to recover and revitalise. Finally, person is the third one. It is the last one but the most important for the person is the one who makes everything possible.

Cash, Profit and Resources Analysis

This is the phase where we stop possible cash bleeding and improve the bottom line. Identifying where cash is flowing out faster than it should be is paramount. Unless we stop it we might not have enough fuel to finance the rest of the strategy.

Once cash position is handled, we will start looking into improving the bottom line. We will be working on profit margin, operational expenses, and product range. Streamlining operations, product offerings, and cutting fat is the main focus here. We will work together to make your business meaner and leaner.

Final analysis will be done on resources. We will dig deep into not just financial resources, but also skills, contacts, brand, and so on. Resources are finite, and hence it is crucial to know where to allocate them to maximise results which is the next step: Strategy.

Strategic Planning: Strategy and Steps

Now we will start developing strategy for your business. Our focus here would be playing to the strengths of your business. The aim is to have a laser focus strategy on your niche customers.

Specialisation is key. When we get better at what we do we will grow bigger naturally. Our resources are very limited hence we need to be really specific on where we want to compete in. We will analyse the marketplace including customers, competitors, suppliers, market trends, and so on to ensure we are on the most optimal path.

One important concept about niche is instead of deciding what niche you want to attack. Let’s figure out the biggest niche you can comfortably compete in and develop smaller niche within it.

High Performance Execution

The person behind the strategy is the most important component of a successful strategy execution. You hold the power to the success of your business. It can be very challenging to do this because you might also be the same person that have experienced setbacks in the business.

We will work together to amplify your ability to push through challenges and obstacles. We believe in your capability and strength. Our job is simply to be the catalyst for change, to foster enablement for you to break through any barriers.

How To Engage Us?

There are three phases that we will go through in our program. Every phase is tailored to individual needs and you are free to choose which phase you are interested in engaging.

First phase is an evaluation and assessment stage where we will dig deep into issues that you are facing and the resources that you have. In this phase we will perform “Cash, Profit and Resources Analysis”. It is a once off project where the final deliverable is a 20-30 pages analysis of your business.

Second phase is the planning stage where we will draw up a strategy to overcome the challenging times you are going through at the moment and plan for future growth, successful turnaround or profitable exit. This is the phase where we develop “Strategic Planning: Strategy and Steps”. This is also a once off project where the final deliverable is a 50-60 pages strategic plan for your business.

Third phase is where we help you to execute action steps for the strategy that we have drawn. This phase is a bit different from the first two because it is not a once off project. The execution phase is ongoing where we will be working alongside you in terms of ongoing analysis, strategic planning, coaching and mentoring.

Your business might be growing, or facing challenging times, or exiting. Different situation in business requires different focus of analysis and strategy. Below is a brief summary of focus areas in each situation:

GROWTH – “Speed is key”

  • Niche customer analysis
  • Niche domination strategy
  • Competitiveness analysis
  • Price point and margin analysis
  • Flexibility and fine-tuning strategy

TURNAROUND“Survival is key”

  • Cost cutting strategy
  • Streamlining operations
  • Focus on core customers
  • Slow but solid growth strategy
  • Survive the crisis, ride the wave strategy

EXIT“Preparation and patience are the keys”

  • Sell Value maximisation
  • Timing analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Negotiation strategy

Please contact me to discuss further. I am always eager to have a chat over coffee (or skype) to discuss your situations, needs, concerns, and so on.

Fredy Namdin

Principal Strategist | Executive Coach | Business Coach & Mentor

Bachelor of Commerce (The University of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (The University of Western Australia)

Professional Coach – ICF ACTP (Life Coaching Academy)
Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy)

Digital Coaching Certified (Coach.Me)

Email: | Skype: fredynamdin