Worry, Stress’ evil cousin

What causes stress level to spike? Is it too much work? Is it too much pressure?

Or is it too much worry?

Psychologists will have their PhD level theories on what causes stress. However, I guess we can all agree that worry is somewhat correlated to stress. Is worry the main cause of stress? We don’t know, but we know they go hand in hand. When a person worries – his stress level will go up.

Can we eliminate worry altogether? Living the life of worry-less. What a great life. Unfortunately, this particular behavior seems to stick to us, like a super glue. It just won’t go away, eating its host like a parasite.

Let’s be practical, what feeds your worry? Or the better question is, why feeds your worry? We know it’s eating us alive, so why do we keep feeding it? Human nature? We couldn’t help it? Our world will end if we don’t?

The truth is, worry does not change anything apart from reducing our effectiveness (and efficiency) in living. It increase our emotional level, we couldn’t think straight, our mind just couldn’t get into gear. It’s almost like a trojan horse living inside us ready to be activated anytime. The only place in our brain suitable for worry is a black hole.

Brain Black Hole

If there’s any benefit of worrying to our lives than we should consider feeding it, growing it, and keeping it safe. Is there?

Why don’t we channel our worry into something else? Let’s hammer it away by focusing on other things.Worry feeds on one thing and one thing only: “our attention”. The more we pay attention to it, the bigger it grows, the stronger it is. It’s like a dangerous seduction, difficult to resist, only to grab us by our throats and refuse to let us go.

Do something else when we start to worry. Run, or walk, or swim, or paint, or talk to your friend. Anything to move our attention away from it. It’ll be there still, seducing us at every opportunity – but at least we are putting a good fight.

Keep fighting!

Matthew 6:27 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

The Power of Humility

Sometimes we had the opportunity to meet amazing people in our lives. People who changed our ideas, our beliefs, our lives. Each had different effects on us. All of them though, left us with just that little nudge towards a better us. Most of these remarkable people, they didn’t even realize the effects they had on us. How they’d changed our lives.

If we’re lucky, we would meet these people.

For some us though, not so lucky. The ‘remarkable’ people – they just don’t exist. They never had the chance to see these amazing humans. They never felt changed by anyone. Maybe they never had the needs. Maybe they were already perfect?

Or maybe they were blinded by their own heart, superior feelings?

Maybe the secret to meeting these amazing human beings is just that – humility. Maybe they’re all around us waiting to touch our lives, waiting to push us a little bit towards a better us. All we need is the one thing we don’t always have – humility.

Humility is the submission to God in the midst of your triumph, because it is Him who holds you up, it is always Him.

He would send people to us to mold us, to build us, and to hold us. Are we humble enough to learn from them?