Strengths Discovery

“We work with you to get more in business, focus on what your business is good at, and achieve business goals”

This program is good for those who seek to understand their business more and how its strengths are integrated to the people in the business. More focus on strengths identification and integration which will result in higher awareness and knowledge of business strengths to help focus operations, cash flow, capital allocation, and expansions.

Typical client results:

  • more resilient business
  • better and more natural business expansion opportunities
  • higher competitiveness in the market
  • focus of resources resulting in lower investment requirement
  • higher return on capital allocation
  • healthier profit and cash position
  • streamlined and more efficient operation
  • regular business strengths assessments

Strengths Discovery program is typically around 6 weeks long and consists of:

  1. Coaching Sessions via Skype (pre-scheduled bi-weekly or monthly)
  2. Character Strengths Assessments
  3. Business Strengths Assessments
  4. Business Strengths Integration Assessments
  5. Weekly Email Coaching and Consulting Support

Package fees start from: AUD $650+ 

Total package fees will depend on the number of sessions and assessments required and will be determined prior to contracting.

(Australian clients are subject to additional 10% GST)