Coaching Through Uncertainty

“we help you to persevere and overcome troubled times”

“There are no words to describe how good clarity can feel. The time I spent with Fredy discussing my business, my greatest concerns for it and the various ideas I’ve had swirling around in my head about how to make it better, finally started solidifying into workable plans. Now, instead of just ideas, I have a strategy, backed by the reassuring nod of someone who understands business, people and goals. Thanks Fredy!” – Shail Akhil (Calcul8ors Pty Ltd – Melbourne, Australia)

“Hi Fredy, Thank you for the time we have spent together over the phone, I have enjoyed it and found that your research and input has expanded my thoughts towards my business. Each coaching session has felt like a constructive research and development meeting to which I have gained a clearer understanding of my goals and direction in my business. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other people, thank you again and I wish you all the success with your business coaching endeavour.” – Frank Bonannella (Global Direct Online – Perth, Australia)


What are uncertainty and tough times in business? These are critical times that could change the course of the company.

How to identify some of the most difficult times in business? A good indication is when you realise the only way forward is to face and conquer them although it takes much focus, clarity, strength, courage, and strategic manoeuvres.

We don’t give unrealistic promises. Instead, you and I will be working in the real world of business where everything is unpredictable yet its potential limitless.

How do we help you to do this? We help you to get clarity and focus in the midst of fire – resulting in high-quality strategic decisions. And then we help you to find the courage to take actions – pushing forward to win the battle.


Fenn Corporate Mission Statement:

“enabling our clients to overcome tough times in business”


When things are getting tough. Isn’t coaching something of a luxury?

Facing difficult times, organisations need more resources in order to be a cut above the rest. Our work will influence the way you think and make decisions and that we will, through the coaching process, enable you to make faster, better, more accurate decisions.

Sometimes those are tough choices but because you know how you make the decision, you know why you make the decision, and so you will be naturally more committed to it and able to carry it through. The whole decision-making process becomes faster and more robust.

Your abilities to respond to your customers’ needs, to adapt to changing economic conditions and to foresee what the future might hold with limited information – all of this is improved by having different ways of thinking about the data.

You will bring tough business challenges into your coaching, and we will work out the solutions together.


We help you to regain clarity and focus.

When facing critical times often business leaders lose focus. Their mind is shrouded in swirling issues and never-ending problems. Their phones are ringing every five minutes with urgent works. They are too busy putting out fires and have completely lost the big picture.

We will help you to get your balance back to stand strong, regaining clarity and focus. Your jungle of work and pressure will be trimmed back into laser focus goal that will pull you towards it.


Professional Coaching Structure.

We have three coaching stages built around your business forming our coaching structure. It starts with free coaching sessions to help you towards healthier cash flow.

Our service is FREE

until your


Our aim is to reduce your business pain, not increase it. Hence, our service is free until such time that your cash flow is confidently moving towards a healthier position.

No strings attached. Only us working together to save your business. You can decide then if you still want to continue working with me or not.


The first stage is “Deep Reality” which is an evaluation and assessment stage where we will dig deep into issues that you are facing and the goal that you want to achieve. This is the time when we help you to look deeper into the reality of your situations. This part often opens up core issues you did not think about before but crucial for your progress towards your goal.

In this stage, often we discover cash bleedings in your business where we need to quickly eliminate or restructure expenses. Another common situation is the need to raise liquidity to improve cash flow.

This is the stage where we start to slow down any potential damage and catastrophe.


“Strategic Perseverance” is the restructuring stage where we will draw up a strategy (including the development of business recovery indicators) to overcome the troubled times that you are going through at the moment. This is the part where we create concrete strategic action steps for you to execute.

In this stage, we will look at your business model, your market, current customers, current suppliers, overall industry trends, and so on. We will start to establish certain ground rules or key indicators that will guide us going forward.

We will develop a number of strategic options and choose one that suits the most but keep the others as we go forward. One or more of these options might be exit strategy which we will discuss further.


“Daily Grit” is where we support you in executing strategic action steps that we have drawn. This is the time when we will help you to push through obstacles in the midst of tough times.

This stage is divided into two phases: Stabilization and Revitalization.

Stabilization is where we start to see clarity and focus on resources, time, and effort towards a united goal and vision. At this point in time, your business will start to realize stronger cash flow and a healthier margin.

Revitalization is where we start to see modest earning and growth. At this point, your business would have avoided any potential damage or catastrophe.

Is it the right time for you to work with us?

Are you facing the following tough times:

  1. Overall company’s profit is dropping (although sometimes sales are improving)
  2. The cash flow level is unhealthy and somewhat at a dangerous level
  3. The cash reserve is depleting with no signs of recovery
  4. Company’s financial forecast is dark and depressing
  5. There is a noticeable increase in customers complaints
  6. Your most loyal customers are leaving
  7. You are losing significant core market share
  8. Company’s key performance indicators are suffering
  9. You are losing control of the company – both operational and strategic
  10. No one in the company really knows what to do (including leadership team)
  11. Your shareholders and creditors are losing confidence
  12. There is low morale (and panics) among staffs
  13. Your key staffs are leaving
  14. High level of stress – do you experience more pressure than one can handle?
  15. High level of frustration – have you tried ‘every tricks, strategies, and tactic but they all failed?
  16. High level of burnout – are you working (very) long hours but with no results?

These are sure signs of difficult times ahead (if not already).

We could help you to persevere and overcome troubled times.

Are you really ready?

I always insist on free initial coaching session – more below..

Remember, our service is FREE until your CASH FLOW is MOVING towards a HEALTHIER POSITION.

Our aim is to reduce your business pain, not increase it. Hence, our service is free until such time that your cash flow is confidently moving towards a healthier position.

No strings attached. Only us working together to save your business. You can decide then if you want to continue working with me or not.

Then if both of us are happy with the progress I will send a business proposal outlining what we would do together, how, and what the fees will be.

Typical engagement consists of (not limited to):

  • Regular Coaching Meeting, excepting holidays
  • Regular Coaching Notes: based on ongoing discussions in Coaching Meetings, Emails, Assessments, and Action Steps
  • Regular Collaboration with clients in business analysis and strategic planning
  • Deadlines, Timelines, and Accountabilities
  • Coaching Assessments and Action Steps
  • Unlimited Review of Client’s Work
  • Unlimited Coaching Email Support

Are you really really ready?

Please read our Coaching Policy here: Fenn Corporate Coaching Policy

If you’re happy with our standard of coaching practice, please book a time for a coffee meeting, we’ll go through your business, yourselves, your situations, your goals, and everything else you need to talk about.

You can book online by clicking ‘Book Now’ button below for your free Discovery Coaching Session (via Skype).


Deep discussions here with results, bring your notes and lots of coffees because we (you and me) will be working hard together.

You can decide if you want to continue working with me afterwards. No strings attached.

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Fredy Namdin

Solo and Micro Business Coach | Startup | Survival | Recovery | Turnaround

Professional Coach – ICF ACTP (Life Coaching Academy)
Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy)

15 years+ Wholesale & Retail Experience

Bachelor of Commerce (The University of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (The University of Western Australia)

ICF Global Members


Email:, Skype: fredynamdin, Mobile: +61 410227043