Business Mentoring

I also volunteer as a business mentor through; helping small business owners overcome challenging times in the business world.

The business problems could be:

  1. Company’s profit is dropping (although sometimes sales are improving)
  2. Cash flow level is unhealthy and somewhat at a dangerous level
  3. The cash reserve is depleting with no signs of recovery
  4. Company’s financial forecast is dark and depressing
  5. There is a noticeable increase in customers complaints
  6. Your most loyal customers are leaving
  7. You are losing significant core market share
  8. Company’s key performance indicators are suffering
  9. You are losing control of the company – both operational and strategic
  10. No one in the company really knows what to do (including leadership team)
  11. Your shareholders and creditors are losing confidence
  12. There is low morale (and panics) among staffs
  13. Your key staffs are leaving
  14. High level of stress, frustration & burnout
  • Expertise
    • Getting started » Business Planning
    • Management » Business Strategy
    • Accounting and Finance » Cash Flow
    • Getting started » Getting Started
    • Management » Growth and Development
    • Management » Planning and Goal Setting
    • Management » Work-Life Balance
  • Experience
    • Ownership Experience: 10 yrs+
    • Management Experience: 10 yrs+
    • Languages Spoken: English, Indonesian/Malay 
    • Country Experience: Australia

Reach me here: MicroMentor – Fredy Namdin

Fredy Namdin

Principal Strategist | Executive Coach | Business Coach & Mentor

Bachelor of Commerce (The University of Western Australia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (The University of Western Australia)

Professional Coach – ICF ACTP (Life Coaching Academy)
Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy)

Digital Coaching Certified (Coach.Me)

Email:, Skype: fredynamdin, Mobile: +61 410227043