The Matter of The Heart

It is true that running a business is akin to sport. It is the ultimate 24/7 sport. We have players, opponents, rules, field conditions, luck, and so on. Those who have done a little bit of sport or are fans of sports would know an all-important aspect of winning. At the end of the day during a tough match, it all boils down to one thing: mental strength. It is the matter of the heart.

It is common that a weaker player beats better one because he could handle himself well during difficult times. He has nerves of steel.

Running a business has its ups and downs with nice and nasty surprises every day. However, most people forget that these ups and downs, these surprises – they don’t just happen in the business world. They happen after hours too. They happen at home. And quite often they transform themselves into problems in the business.

A meltdown at home can go a long way if not handled. It could accumulate and explode. The damages are not immediately seen. They slowly build up and then they go all at once. Each issue at home adds fresh petrol – it only takes a small spark to ignite the whole thing.

So what can we do?

Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23)

Guard your heart and guard your family’s hearts too. Peaceful hearts at home will translate into peaceful relationships in the business. Calm heart and mind will produce high-quality decision making and execution.

How do we guard our heart?

Learn to recognize troubling signs early and try to be more pro-active to prevent bigger issues from emerging to the surface. Do not leave any issues unresolved, talk about it, find solutions. It will not be perfect but every little action counts. Remember, it is not a competition we try to win, it is a relationship we try to build.

With all the stress in the business, why do we want to add problems and issues from home?

Those who could guard their hearts will have the winning edge.

They possess the mental strength required to fight in the marketplace.

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