How to ruin relationships with your suppliers


The day is coming to an end and it’s time to load up. My customer asked if I could deliver these goods straight to his house. I don’t do this too often but business is quiet and every dollar counts. The rain started to pour ss I loaded up the goods, and it was getting heavier too.

The rain got worse as I pulled up on his driveway. I unloaded all the bags and rang the bell.

No one answered.

I tried again, same thing. Silence.

I called his mobile, then sent him a text message. No reply whatsoever.

After almost half an hour trying out the bell, the phone, and more text messages I gave up. He’s not interested in getting these goods despite his numerous remarks of ordering in bulk, growing his business, and so on.

Customer is king, they said. Not this time, this customer is just a waste of time.


In the world of entrepreneurship, the word ‘hustle’ seems to be the new trend. Those dreaming of becoming business owners often call themselves ‘the hustlers’. It sounds a lot like one of those Marvel’s superheroes. The problem is off course when these ‘hustlers’ try to hustle everyone in everything. Then they become ‘the shushed’ because no one wants to deal with them anymore.

There is nothing wrong with hustling, it will come naturally anyway after spending few years in the joint. You begin to notice that other people also try to hustle you, some are very subtle (pro) while some are dead obvious (beginner). Some just have no idea what they’re doing and they become what is widely known as ‘trollers’. Avoid these trollers at all cost because they bring nothing but destruction. If you’re lucky enough you can send them (trollers) to your competitors and let them do the damage there.

There is one entity you don’t want to hustle yourselves out of the market. It is your own supplier, especially the good ones.

It might seem counterintuitive since you being the customers, you should be the king, right?


In the world of business, no one is king. We all work together, providing different products and services. Only through a carefully crafted collaboration between suppliers, you, and customers (yes, customers too) that a business can truly survive, and prosper.

Try hustling your supplier too much and the triangle will break. Break the triangle and you break your business.

If the following items are in your to do list when dealing with your supplier, it’s not a bad idea to re-think them:

  • Pay late on purpose to maximise cash flow
  • Demand as much services as possible
  • Play the pricing game at all chances
  • Always try to buy in small batches instead of in volume to reduce cost

Show your supplier that you support them and you are in the game with them for long term. You will be amazed by the amount of support they will give back to you.

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