Hustling on Steroids

Running a business is like the ultimate sport. It is 24/7 and 365 days per year. It just doesn’t stop. Often it is the daily hustle, grind, and motivation that separate successful ones from the rest. Day after day and year after year, you just have to keep coming to work.

If there is something you can do to make it just a little bit easier to run.

Just a tiny bit less headache.

Would you do it?  What if I tell you in addition to less headaches, your business will also improve significantly?

You probably notice that entrepreneurs are well known for their ‘hustle’ skills. They just know what to say, how to say it, to whom, and at what time, to maximise impacts. That’s what hustle is really. However, do you also know that once a good business is up and running hustle is not required as much anymore.

A sign of a good company is when their sales people don’t need to hustle much yet they still sell an awful lot of products.

What is the secret to this wonderful depiction of a business, you might say.

It is one the oldest trick in business: TRUST.

While the word itself might be short, never underestimate the meaning and the work that goes into it. Trust is not just wiggling your tongue to convince the other people to trust you. It is much more than spending millions in advertising budget to convince your customers how magnificent your products are, and how great your company is.

Trust is the drug that put business hustle on steroids.

Hustle is comprised of four main components, and ‘trust’ plays a great role in them.

“What to say” – When someone trust you enough, whatever you say will get through.

“How to say it” – Again, when someone trust you enough, whatever you say will get through.

“Whom to say it to” – You say it to those who trust you enough.

“At what time” – Anytime will be fine, as long as they trust you – it will get through.

Capitalising on trust will lessen your headache in running your business. Instead of hustling all day long, you can just talk normally – and your message will be very well received happily by your customers, suppliers, and everyone else – that trust you.

So how do you build trust then?

Many books have covered this great topic in details but I am just going to the essence here.

Trust is built on good reputation.

That sentence should summarise it. Good reputation is built on honesty, integrity, and consistency. It is not just what you do once in a while. It is not just what you’re telling everyone. It is what you say and do, everyday, without failing. That is what your reputation will be built on.

So the magic pills are:







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