The Power of Humility

Sometimes we had the opportunity to meet amazing people in our lives. People who changed our ideas, our beliefs, our lives. Each had different effects on us. All of them though, left us with just that little nudge towards a better us. Most of these remarkable people, they didn’t even realize the effects they had on us. How they’d changed our lives.

If we’re lucky, we would meet these people.

For some us though, not so lucky. The ‘remarkable’ people – they just don’t exist. They never had the chance to see these amazing humans. They never felt changed by anyone. Maybe they never had the needs. Maybe they were already perfect?

Or maybe they were blinded by their own heart, superior feelings?

Maybe the secret to meeting these amazing human beings is just that – humility. Maybe they’re all around us waiting to touch our lives, waiting to push us a little bit towards a better us. All we need is the one thing we don’t always have – humility.

Humility is the submission to God in the midst of your triumph, because it is Him who holds you up, it is always Him.

He would send people to us to mold us, to build us, and to hold us. Are we humble enough to learn from them?

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