The Little Things

What irritates you the most, customers complaints, suppliers keep pushing their new products, or those unexpected little things like forgotten internet password, run out papers, or even unexpected dead mouse under the fridge?

Sometimes we feel ready for the day only to find there are still unexpected little things out of our control.

These little things, although little, the total culmination of them can lead to severe migraine and rising blood pressure, accompanied with continuous swearing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if life can just be smooth and predicted?  Interestingly that’s how life is to some people, smooth and predicted.  The only problem is, these same people are just, well…predictable because nothing much going on there.  In other words, mediocre.

So, unexpected little things?  Maybe it’s all just part of the journey to greatness.

Remember, the number one enemy of greatness is indeed..mediocrity.

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