Managing staffs can be challenging, yet it is crucial

Managing staffs can be challenging, yet it is crucial in scaling the business.  After all there’s only so much an owner can do on his/her own.  However, this crucial difficulty can be reduced significantly by simply recruiting the right people.

The question here then is off course, “How to recruit the right people?”.

Before going to that question, there is an important basis to all recruitment – the business model.  Does your business have many repetitive, mechanical tasks?  Or does it rely on the creativity of its staffs?  Obviously both models have its requirements – or you can say different people will fit into different models.

Now that you’ve got the business model, the next thing to consider is the existing people in the business especially the managers/leaders.  What kind of newbies will work with the existing staffs?  Do you need ‘yes men’ or ‘someone with attitude’?  What level of compromises are your people willing to take with the newbies?

These two questions will help you to alleviate your staffs’ management challenge in a great way.

In short, if you put an ant into a community of ants, guaranteed it will start working straight away.  However, try putting the same ant into a community of spiders.

Happy managing (or recruiting)!

Work/Life balance is one of the most researched

Work/Life balance is one of the most researched, discussed, and sought after goal by practically every working people in the world.  First question that popped up would be, “How to achieve the balance?”, obviously followed closely by the second one, “Have we achieved the balance?”.

First enforceable hours’ law emerged in US in 1874 where the boundary between work and life came into life.  Ever since then, the world became obsessed with this notion of separation, as if a person can change into his/her alter ego during ‘work’ hours (or during ‘life’ hours?).

I guess the real question is, “Do we really need the separation?”.

Maybe all of these work/life balance is just an excuse to hide behind a professional persona – “I am just doing my job” kind-a thing.  The only problem is off course, when the working person is in trouble the person who lives suffer as much, because guess what, they are both the same person.

Maybe we’re just looking for an avenue to escape – from our daily work, or maybe from our life?

Then can we really separate our business from our life?  Or is it just a desperate attempt to live a fuller life while in reality we really are living a half-lived life?

Work/Life balance, or just life.