The art of buying time

Managing business can be very time consuming.  Task after task, never ending to-do list, piling paper work, and not to mention the phone ringing every five minutes.  For those young family it’s even more challenging, especially the ones with babies who seem to decide 2am is the perfect time to wake (everyone) up.

So how do we cope?  Surely we need a little bit of time to step back and make sure our company is still heading in the correct direction.  Being drown in millions of day to day operational details, it’s so easy to loose our focus.

Maybe we need better time management?  There’s only one problem, there’s not enough time to manage.  We have simply exhausted the 24 hours day of our lives.

Probably the easiest way to combat this is by forcing ourselves to set certain time away from all the hectic days.  Will there be sacrifices?  No doubt about that.  But considering the alternative is a possibility of loosing focus and direction, it might very well be a good sacrifice.

In principle, you will be forcing yourselves to “buy” these extra time.

Time truly is money.

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