Apparently brain alone is not enough

Entrepreneurs (successful ones) are always associated with great ideas, great management, leadership, and so on.  Mainly these attributes are related to their brains, and social skills.  There seems to be one particular attribute that most people often forget about: physical endurance.

Think about it, if you need to work 70-80 hours per week for the first few years, running all over the place trying to get finance, networking, not to mention doing all paperwork, logistic, and so on.  If you have problems running down the stairs then it might not be a suitable career choice.  I guess being entrepreneur can be thought of as some kind of professional sport in this case.  As time goes by, players get more skills, experiences, getting to know the playing fields and obviously can win more trophies.

So, proper rest and good food?  It might be the secret of successful entrepreneurs, they surely provide the extra “kick” for those long hours and late nights.

Happy eating (and sleep)…

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