Have you ever counted how many hours

Have you ever counted how many hours you actually work in a week?  Are they straight hours or are they all over the place?  They said one of the joy of being an entrepreneur is being able to work when you want to work.  Seems like what’s happening instead is you are able to work when you have to (i.e must be willing to do 24 hours shift, 365 days a year).

Maybe we should look at the whole things from different perspective.

More often than not entrepreneurs get into business not just because they love to be in business, but because they cannot help it.  So if you ask an entrepreneur how many hours he/she works in a week, most probably the answer will be somewhere in the vicinity of 70hrs (especially in the beginning of the venture).  Ask the same question to a busy executive and the answer will probably be similar.  The big difference is, an entrepreneur might tell you passionately about his/her business afterward, while a busy executive might tell you how underpaid and unappreciated he/she is.

So how many hours do we work in a week?  Before we go there let me tell you about this amazing business I’ve had in my mind.  You see, the market is now heading towards online and at the same time the world’s economy is getting globalized quickly.  Some type of businesses will thrive, so this idea in my mind is…sorry what was the question again?

Working hours?  Who cares…

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